Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bye, Bye, Basketball - Hello Baseball

The six months of non-stop fun and/or games have begun on the other side of my humble slice of blogosphere. Some of you folks never stop over there, so you may or may not know about the NCAA pool I was involved in with some of my family. It was a lot more fun than I expected, but way too small...maybe some of you would want to join next year? We all totally sucked in the end, but the journey was more than worthwhile, as was beautifully expressed in our comment threads by my fellow sox-blogger jere:

I'll miss this little group. Come August, when the nights are wet with sweat and the crickets sing their summer song...and the sun sets over the buildings while diners sip wine at an outdoor cafe in Paris,and college basketball is so far, far away, I'll long for early- to mid-March,picking teams based on prettiest uniform or coolest name. And rooting for men I'll only know for one cold night. And paying Chan a third of the total prize money.

Some gave all. All gave some. To those who prospered financially from this affair, I congratulate you. To the rest of us, well, we have been paid in manna from heaven, fulfilled spiritually, regardless of our personal point total.

Thank you all. And farewell.

touching, isn't it?