Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Over Here!

Welcome to my new digs; I'm glad you found me.

Having a new virtual home may or may not affect the frequency of my posts... but at least I'm here and writing right now. Gosh. It seems as if I've moved far, far away... when our location is merely in the imagination, isn't it?

Things are pretty much status quo around here. I'm still single. Still need to get myself on Match or something, but as yet STILL have no acceptible photographs. Whenever I tell people that, they exclaim that they will have to get me all dolled up and take some pictures, but does that ever happen? NO. Am I supposed to be calling people up and demanding a previously-promised makeover and photoshoot?

So in the meantime, there are always the random guys of interest. My interest? No, unfortunately not.

There's this one guy who took me out to dinner a few times... at first I thought he might just be trying to be nice in a right time/place kinda way. I don't know why I'm naiive like that. I ended up fooling around with him, and I don't know why because he is nothing even resembling my type, and of course I felt horrible about it afterward. The very next day I told him that nothing was going to happen between us. He said okay, and that he would really like to be friends with me anyway. Later he called and assured me he really wanted to be friends with me even though he's never done that before. So I thought we were friends.

Since then I've hung out with him a few times, and he's amused himself with my other blog (seems, in fact, to derive an unnatural amount of amusement from it for a yankees fan.) I typed something up for him once, and since then he's asked a couple times for me to type something else up... yet by the time he arrived, he didn't need it anymore. Well, he lives about half an hour away from me and he brings food when he comes, so I can't exactly just shove him out the door, now can I? And I'm happy to entertain visitors, sure, but on both of those occasions he stayed much longer than I was comfortable with, and I admit I got a little snappy with him. Especially the last time when he decided to prop his legs up on my lap while we were sitting on the couch.

Clearly this guy is merely paying lip service to the "friends" concept. He is a generous sort... maybe he thinks he can bribe his way into my heart? Maybe he thinks he is just so awesome that a woman can't help but fall all over him once she gets to know him (although I don't know where he would get that impression.) I don't know what he's thinking, but I'm getting the strong impression it's not about what a good friend I am. So since that time a few weeks ago we've traded a few v-mails, but I haven't seen him, and tonight I didn't answer when he called. Part of me wants to air this out with him, but another part says "what's the point?" It's not like he's going to admit that he's still trying to get in my pants, right?

Then there's this other guy. He asked me out awhile back, and I said I wasn't really "up for the dinner thing right now." He's really nice and fun and I've enjoyed hanging out with him on a couple occasions since then. I've caught myself thinking about him lately, but I'm not sure if it's just because I'm bored. I gave him a ride home on Thursday and he put his hand on my leg - I pushed him away. I think it was because he was really drunk and I was really not - but I don't know.

Maybe I'm just looking for a distraction. That's why I really need to get myself on Match or the like. Time's awastin'. I need to meet men at a much greater frequency than I'm doing right now. If I do start going out on all kinds of dates, it would be fun to write about it, I think, but would my readers enjoy it? (please answer in the comment thread) Is it ok to write about guys in the vagueness that I have done here? (opinions please) Naturally I would have to withhold information about my blogging activities on first dates...


Blogger Barb said...

I've been seeing commercials boasting that Match.com is free for new members for a limited time. Hey, maybe Bonnie has some photos that Kathleen took at her wedding that she hasn't shown you. I think Bonnie has the whole lot, not sure.

Yes, it's okay to write about guys as vaguely as you have here. I'm sure you know where to draw the line. :P

1:13 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

I think the line comes in between the first & last name... and waaaay before nude photographs. or even photographs at all, to be safe.

I think it will be more fun to leave the name out entirely and make up nick-names for them. I think what you're seeing advertised as free-for-a-limited-time is the start-up kit with all sorts of suggestions for making up a profile.

3:27 PM  
Blogger Lynsey said...

Hey who the heck did you drive home last Thursday?? I don't think I heard that part of Thursday's festivities! Was it initials J.M.? (trying to be vague here) When he was on eHarmony, Matt and I took some pics of him for his site, I could do the same for you! I am a great photographer. We can have a dress rehearsal first if you like!

8:37 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

ah, yes Lyns, let's leave names out of it, shall we? how 'bout YOU can come up with a nickname for that one.

and yeah, I could use the help. you would not believe how retarded I look on film.

10:03 AM  

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