Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Meme: things i like about myself

Not part of the Meme, but something you should know about me:
I am nearly always LATE, but also nearly always keep my word. So here's more of the meme.

1.) I have fabulous taste (hmm, I bet most people think they do.) in most visual areas, and am not afraid to take risks. Although I don't find myself to be very digitally creative, so I can't say this shows up in my web design.

2.) I don't know what it is to be "normal" but I don't care because I consider it to be boring.

3.) I have a great metabolism, and I am not an emotional eater (if I am upset, I'm more likely to NOT EAT than to devour a pint of Ben & Jerry's and can of Pringles.) This, for thirty years, has allowed me to get away with being incredibly lazy.* My body is far from perfect, but better than many who actually work at it. *ducks incoming rotten vegetables* Don't worry, folks. This can't last.

*this part (the laziness) is not actually something I like about myself.


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