Wednesday, July 06, 2005

3 things preview

I'm back.
and no, I don't have time to type all this out.
I will answer one, and that ought to satiate you for a bit.

3 Nicknames:

1) I was called Becky until I went to college. Due to the fact that the eighties were just queer, and I never bothered to change it in my official records, my nickname was listed as "Becki" in official school stuff, like the facebook, at my high school Choate Rosemary Hall. I am embarrassed by this.
There are very few people who can get away with calling me Becky today: My grandmother (RaRa), My friend Jon, who was my next-door neighbor from ages 5-11, and... hmm. That's it. My great-aunt Ruth was also allowed, but she passed away on October 27th. (yes, she was a sox fan, 90 years young, and no, she did not see game 4.)

2) I have friends who call me Becca, but I guess it's never seemed right because my family never uses it. My sister Beth generally makes up the nicknames, and she prefers the non-traditional. Reb is the shortened version of almost everything she's ever come up with, and I guess I like it best.

3) Beth's current nickname for me is "Rebonka-heimer-giggly-sister," which can be sung to the tune of "John-Jacob-Jingle-Heimer-Schmidt." The possibilities for this are endless. She says "Rebonk" for short, which I do not find particularly attractive, but I'll take it over "Becky".


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