Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Food for Thought in the Meantime...

So yeah, I've been pretty uninspired on this blog, after the incident last week. In lieu of actual subject matter, I'm providing some interesting links to check out:

Post Secret - bring along a tissue, folks, this site will touch you deeply.

Recently, a client told me that in 1960, the value of the work done by a stay-at-home mom was estimated at approximately $60 grand/year. That made me wonder what it would be today. Well, here you go, I found out.

Also, there are tons of blogs out there, but unless very well written, most aren't too interesting to complete strangers. I found one the other day that was worth going to.

Really, I'm not going to bore you folks with frivolous posts about nothing, so you'll hear from me when I have something to say. Stay tuned...


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