Friday, May 06, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

I wasn't able to see the game yesterday. I know, most of us were screwed. That we are ever forced to work during a Red Sox game is a travesty. There's an interesting re-cap over at Surviving Grady - Happy Anniversary,guys!

Bronson - wow. I mean, wow. Poor guy is "lucky" to not be in the 'pen right now, and look at him. The sad part is, if we ever get 6 healthy starters, he's still the most intelligent choice to lose his start... just because he's the only one who could do it well. As in, he's so good, doesn't matter where you put him. Pitch every five days, or pitch every day - don't matter, he's Bronson.

But about Bronson's "run support," (as in, lack thereof) did anyone other than me notice who was not lubing up the line-up yesterday? And that the alternative, hot as he is, was not exactly burning up the bat? Since I did not actually get to watch the game, I think I would've preferred KY, but all's well that ends well.

Trot, however, now HE was ripping it up. Guess he wanted to make up for time off? Captain was ON as well - seems like that guy is always on. I say $10 mil is nothing in exchange for what he brings to the game.

In other news, indeed the yankees have been dropped to last place. Thanks a million, devil rays. I almost don't begrudge the games they took from us 2 weeks ago, since it means I get to see the yanks in the cellar.

Didn't see this either, but Boston continues to be a happy place for all sporting teams, as the Celtics live to play another game. I haven't really been able to get into B-ball since MJ retired (that guy was like watching a Matrix scene,) but the boys in "the Garden" are starting to inspire me.

Ok, so I was just nosing around last night, and I found this:

"There's still lots of creepy love for Keith in the female blogger community." -T

I can only assume he's talking about this, which by the way, Beth, rocks my sox off. Plus it really seems to have made an impact, though it's hard for me to evaluate pitching on MLB.TV. Got something to say, guys? Do you not appreciate our drivel? TOO BAD!

Just so you all know, I was born at 10:15 AM in St. Louis, MO. I will not consider myself 30 until then... 11:15 EST.

So um, I have lots to do today, and drinks tonight with my sis (Beth,) and who knows what else. Then tomorrow, I will be at Fenway. For the first time. EVER. I will see jere there, and I bet I meet Empyreal, too. I will have my camera, and I will take lots of pictures. Maybe I'll even figure out how to post them on my blog ;-) of course I will. I will post something at least on Sunday at my sister's (Barb.)

From there I will head to NH, where I get to stay with my man for a whole week while I do a job up there. On the plus side, I will get NESN there; on the other side, I will have to make sure my jaw doesn't visibly drop when Billy Mueller's at the plate. And also I'm sure I won't catch anywhere near all the games. Now on the super-plus side, my man knows this HTML stuff pretty well (which I just don't,) and I bet I can get him to help me with the overall aesthetic of my website - technically, that is.
On the other side, you might find my posts a bit scant next week. Oh, don't you worry, I'll be back to my verbose self soon enough, but I have many people to catch up with up there, not to mention the fact that my man & I are usually three hours apart... I just might be pretty busy. It's not that I won't post, it's just that- well, they may be brief.


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