Monday, May 09, 2005

Cold Day at Fenway

I barely have time, but it seems jere & empy are sending people my way to check out my first ever visit to Fenway. Scoff all you like; I don't blame you, but at least I'm efficient. One visit, two games.

How did it take so long for me to get to this hallowed place? Well I must confess, I am the lazy type of fan, who would usually rather sit in the confort of my own home, getting a much "closer" look on tv. (Or, MLB.TV, as I am usually limited to with the sox.) A day like yesterday usually has me curled up in my covers, and thankful for that luxury. And surely I could have used a blanket yesterday, but I am pleased to announce:
It was worth it.
Every last shivering second was a joy unknown to me before. I barely noticed the narrowness of the seats, as proximity to others was rather a benefit on such a raw day. The bitter weather actually created a special bonus for me: during the only truly painful moment of this long day, (yes, the noteworthy-and-not-in-a-good-way major league debut of Cla Meredith) I was in line for hot chocolate, and had no idea what was going on. By the time I found out, well, at least I had my hot chocolate.
I must say this about Fenway: the field is tiny. Sure, I expected the stadium to be small, but compared to shea & yankee stadiums... that field looks about the size of my community softball field, maybe even smaller. No wonder people have been describing Comerica as "cavernous." Comerica, compared to Fenway, must be kind of like the first time you let your cat outdoors, and it stares at you as if to say "I had no idea the world was this huge."
Due to inclement weather (and perhaps the time switch-eroo) we pretty much had our choice of seats. We could have gotten a lot closer, but the blue seats came with shelter, and the view pretty good behind home plate. A tip in case you're planning to move up: Avoid the first two rows of blue, directly behind home plate, to the left facing the field. The security guard waited 'till we got up the stairs to tell us "You can sit anywhere in the park, just not those two rows." We sat nearby in the 2nd game, and saw the same security guard kicking people out of the same rows. I don't know who they're saving those seats for, but most likely it's not you, so don't even bother.


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