Thursday, May 05, 2005

This time Foulke does his job

More crap on the tigers hat (hey it worked last time) and once again, not home until nine. This week is killing me. The one night I get to see it on my TV, and I miss most of the game... got home just in time to see Wake finish off the 7th. Kudos, Wake, we really needed that. With our rotation screwed as it is right now, and our bullpen just sucking in general, getting through the 7th was key.

With Bellhorn back from the Billy-bug, I am psyched to see KY still in the line-up. Alright, KY is nowhere near as hot as Billy (and unlike the very cute omar infante, in a real man sort of way,) but who had the very clutch, tie-breaking base hit in the 8th? That's right, KY, slick as ever. Hopefully they're not just giving him some at-bats before they send him down again.

Runners at the corners, 2 outs, and I hear "with Rentaria at the plate, the Red Sox still have a chance to do more damage in this inning." These guys have obviously not been following the sox this spring. My cat is now clawing at me, and bellowing, but I wanna see Edgah strike out here... and there it is. (ok, Piter, now I can see to your needs.) What is your problem, Edgah? We're ALL pulling for you here, even Sarah. With this kind of start, you had better be red hot down the stretch, and I mean smokin'. I still believe you will be, but mostly out of my deep faith in Theo.

Then my boyfriend calls. Damn, I'm missing more of the game, and I don't have the heart to tell him "I have to go; the game is on." He is not a sports nut; he just wouldn't understand. I tell him I have created a blog, and *sniffle* he does not even ask me how to find it. Guess that means *wink* I can expound upon the hotness of Billy and Matt Mantei all I want. He makes up for it though, by telling me that someday I will not have to watch sox games on my computer, as he will get me MLB extra innings AND NFL sunday ticket. For someone who could not care less about professional sports, I think this is rather considerate.

I was off the phone in time to fully focus on Foulkie in the bottom of the 9th. This guy is supposed to be our CLOSER, so why am I having to clench my teeth and tap my nails in terror at seeing him on the mound, with only a one run lead? Torture. But he gets out of it, with only one hit- and not the long ball, as we have become disparingly accustomed to seeing this year.

I intended to write this last night, and am so sorry to disappoint my many readers (yes, all three of you.) Unfortunately I decided to check out Samcat, whose post promised to be short, yet if you look at the links, you could be there for hours. Seriously, Sam, how do you find all these things? Is it your job to surf the web all day? You are my IDOL. And Beth, thanks a million for that summary on Damon's book (that must have been painful) for saving me not just $24, but A LOT of TIME. (with all those separate links from Sam, your hit count must be out of control right now.) I have to admit, now that I have my own blog, I'm a bit intimidated... I would really like to think I am contributing something of interest. I need to get some pics up, and have not even had time to figure that out yet, this week has been so crazy. Forgive me, if I am boring the crap out of all of you; it will get better, I promise, and not just in a someday-Edgah-will-get-a-clutch-hit sort of way.

So, did y'all see that bean Giambi took last night? Love it. The hits just keep on comin' for the evil empire, and not the good kind this year. I feel a wee bit guilty about rejoicing in someone's actual bodily harm, but then again, they did sell their souls to Georgie. If you're even bothering to keep track anymore, the yanks are now 11-17, and the devil rays have a shot at putting them in last place tonight.

I half listened to all the fuss about Barry Bonds on ESPN last night, and although personally I could not care less, the utter selfishness displayed by some of these hot shot athletes disgusts me. TO, I think you're an attention-hounding fool (is he an only child, does anyone know?) and I could not agree more with Brett Favre when it comes to hold-outs. As far as Bonds is concerned, I have to wonder if he is intentionally getting the wrong treatments as a stall technique while the juice works it's way out of his system.

Speaking of juice, my dad's been laid up for ten days after throwing out his back. He has been going to the chiropractor, and faithfully doing his exercises, and has seen such miniscule improvement that his doctor finally caved and gave him some steroids. Suddenly the man can walk again. He says he can see why people get addicted to this stuff; he feels like superman.

On a final note, I seem to have inspired my sis Barb to get herself a blog. I warn you, she is a yankee fan (and therefore not likely to write much about baseball right now) and she is even more random than I am, but she is really funny, and you can check her out here. (Yes, I know I need to get my sidebar links going... I will get to that soon.)


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