Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Taste Test

Is Vodka Better When Made From Potatoes?

'cause after all, what better thing to decide while buried beneath twenty-some inches of snow?

Truth is, vodka tastes like rubbing alcohol no matter what it's made with... or does it? Just one week ago, quite tipsy from superbowl celebration, I did not think so at all after opening my bottle of hangar one "straight". But yeah, then again, I was drunk. So when I heard this past week that potato vodka was better, I just had to find out. So I got off the highway a bit early last night and picked up a bottle on the way home.

And so, quite a bit more sober (yet quickly on my way to otherwise) I will tell you that indeed, all vodka tastes like rubbing alcohol. (or at least the two I have in front of me.) And indeed, potato vodka has a clearer taste. Aye, I might have to have a few test runs of this to make sure. stay tuned. please try this at home, if over twenty-one, and let me know what you think.


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