Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Aha! So that's what they're for!

Things are going without a hitch in the new, smoke-free life, I'll have you know. There's only one problem: I've had TOO MUCH ENERGY. Seriously. I can't sleep. Ok, I know falling asleep has never been cake for me, but since Friday it's been ridiculous. Last night I did everything right: I took off the patch, turned off the tv, and was done eating over two hours before going to bed... yet from one AM I was tossing and turning, and at four I was as wide awake as ever.

By four I just could not lay there anymore. I got up and decided to make myself soft-boiled eggs. My dad and one of my sisters and I were just talking about them recently, and I realized I had never really had one. We had determined that an egg-timer is three minutes- a good place to start. Naturally the eggs both cracked when I dropped them into the boiling water. Egg white slowly seeped out of the walls of each egg. No matter. When I opened my first egg, the yolk was intact and there was still plenty of egg white. Only one problem:The white was not cooked firmly enough to safely take out of it's shell. Finally, after an entire life of wondering, I could see what an egg cup is for. And I want some! Soft-boiled eggs ARE delicious, Dad; thanks for the tip. I imagine they're also pretty good for you with all that protein and none of the grease! So- my birthday is in May, my friends. I will gladly accept blue willow ware egg cups. I'd prefer old ones to brand new. (yeah right, like they actually make egg cups anymore!) I would prefer to have four, but since you people are buying, I won't be picky.

By the way, the four egg cups don't have to match. My collection is completely randomized. As long as they have the blue willow ware motiff on them, they'll fit in just fine.


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