Friday, November 18, 2005

A New Home

I got the apartment. The one I gave out my references for, as mentioned. She called me last night, saying she had spoken to my two previous landlords, who had given me "the best references". This, I tell you, is why I prefer to rent from private landlords, rather than corporate. Aside from the fact that I would rather live in a place of some character - as opposed to a brick building filled with apartments that all look exactly the same - it is possible to form some kind of relationship with the person you are paying rent to.

A corporate landlord does not care what kind of person I am. I am a number, or maybe even a name on a file collecting dust in the office. A secretary would drag out that file upon inquiry and inform the new potential landlord of how many times I was late or early with my rent, how many service calls were required by that apartment during the time I rented, and whether or not I was refunded my security deposit. I suppose this is all the information needed by another corporate landlord.

I prefer to be thought of as a person. I prefer to think of my landlord as a person. And I prefer to get along. When I spoke with my previous landlord, Jay, the other evening, my heart went out to her. I really care about these people, and their dream of someday retiring from their jobs and being able to sell their rental properties for enough to live comfortably and enjoy each others' company in their old age... I hate to think that Jay may have to live out this dream alone, a cheap and lonely substitute for the happy future they have worked so hard for. Please recover, Roy.

When Jay remembered me, as we were talking, she told me she had two apartments available, and I wished I could have taken one - in fact I had been planning to call her and inquire just that, had I kept with the original intention of moving to New Hampshire. Jay and Roy are great landlords, and great people, and I wish I could rent from them again. I can only hope my new lessor is even half as fabulous (and she seems so; we shall see...)

Anyway, I'm excited about my new place, which I will move to on Thursday, December 15th. Now I just need to find some muscles to help me. I'm sure I can recruit some friends, but it being a thursday, I suppose not too many will be available. I am a strong girl, and technically I'm sure I could manage all by myself... but who wants to do that? It's like when I get a flat tire: I know how to change it myself, but I also know if I just start to get my jack out, some guy will come along and offer to do it for me- which is of course what I opt for. Being a girl is not without it's privileges.

I have a number of boxes up in the attic... mostly kitchen stuff, but also curtains and decorations and stuff. It will be such fun to get all that stuff out again. I guess I'm a bit nervous about having room for everything- but I'll make it work; I HAVE to. I generally work well on necessity. Ah, and speaking of work and necessity- this opens a new chapter in my life, one in which I am finally forced to get my shit together, and I am now ready for it. Surely I will miss the luxury of blogging my mornings away- since I really will have to work more often- but don't worry, my dear readers, I will find time for you in my new place.


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