Monday, May 02, 2005

Get Your Own Blog

See it up there, "get your own blog," at the top? It's been eating at me since I first saw it. I didn't know why it bothered me so much. I practically didn't know what a blog was a few months ago. I only found out about them in my desperation to find stuff to read about the sox this spring. Since then I've been perusing through them, occasionally making a nuisance of myself on the comment areas. I've become friends with a blogger, and perhaps piqued the interest of others. I've wondered why I was so fascinated, why so eager each day to see what they had to say... until I finally realized that I coveted their blogspots. I have lots to say, and need a spot to say it in. And so I've been saying, for awhile now, "maybe I should get my own blog."
It's kind of like the clock in my car. I know, how could getting a blog possibly be anything like the clock in my car? Well if you end up being a regular reader of my blog, you will realize how completely random I can be. I bought my car almost five years ago, and in that time I have never adjusted my clock for daylight savings time. I kept telling myself I was going to do it, but I never did, and occasionally I would think of it, and realize that the time would change in three weeks or something, so what's the point? I didn't know how to change my clock, and whenenver I was in my car, I was too busy trying to get somewhere to worry about figuring it out. Well a few weeks ago, shortly after DST righted the time on my clock yet again, I had to replace my battery. I got in my car and the time was no longer ignorable... it was blinking (and by the way all my radio presets were gone, too.) Sitting at a light, I glanced at my clock, looking for the buttons to set it. The traffic started moving again, but I had found what I needed, and while I was driving onto a highway, I reset my clock in about eight seconds flat.
Just like setting my clock, I wasn't sure how hard it might be to set up a blog, so I kept putting it off until I absolutely could not stand it anymore...only to find it was easier than registering for anything else on the internet, and shockingly, FREE!
So seriously, get your own blog (oh, yeah, you probably already have one.) I think I've wanted a soap box of my own my whole life.


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